About the Mega World Congresses of the Interdisciplinary School of Fundamental Rights PraeEminentia Iustitia
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About the Mega World Congresses of the Interdisciplinary School of Fundamental Rights PraeEminentia Iustitia
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Jorge Isaac Torres Manrique 
Occupation: Dean
Affiliation: Faculty of Law, Wisdom University
Address: Nigeria

These mega congresses not only stand out for its great magnitude, both in number of organizers, co-organizers, speakers and attendees. It presents a unique nature, with a leading impact, singular and original conception and design. In addition, it has its own exclusive, aggressive, current and futuristic themes. It registers the participation of each co-organizing university, with the obligatory modality of transmission of a block with its own teams. To which must be added its interdisciplinary character. On the other hand, its basic particularity is based on the fact that its transcendence and importance is of common interest to practically any country in a global venue.

mega world congress, interdisciplinarity, fundamental rights
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The period that subdued the whole of humanity brought much pain, suffering and death, in all corners of the world. However, the pandemic also brought something positive and transcendent. We are referring to the omnipresent virtuality. And as paradoxical as it may seem, I have a fondness for the pandemic. And the fact is that, although it is true that several years before the arrival of the pandemic, the undersigned was requested as a speaker at national and international venues; it is during the pandemic that the invitations shot uncontrollably towards us.
2 Then, progressively, academia was gaining us space, production, time and recognition. Thus, with our presence, we began to attract the attention and openness of diverse and dissimilar legal systems. They are presented as an uncontainable exponential vortex of invitations as exhibitor, teacher and author. Exhibiting in up to 4 countries per day. Among them stand out: Turkey, Pakistan, Australia, North Macedonia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, India, Nigeria, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Portugal, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, among others.


Then, we discovered that, in global headquarters, the legal education sector has several shortcomings, deficiencies, limitations and disconnection with the quintessence: current, comprehensive, systemic, applicative, interdisciplinary and futuristic, of Law. Thus, the Interdisciplinary School of Fundamental Rights Praeeminentia Iustitia, founded and chaired by the undersigned, was born. It is clear then, that Praeeminentia Iustitia's entry into the legal scenario was from the sidewalk of protagonism and previous leadership in research. Together with a true commitment with the Academy, with the propositive, with the rigor and commitment to offer the best in global headquarters.

4 After the constitution and legal authorization of Praeeminentia Iustitia, we started organizing academic events and directing legal works. The conception and approach of the same, proper of our authorship, are materialized in the modality of institutionalism and, in addition, in co-organization of diverse as prestigious universities and national and international institutions. Our personal brand always elite, then, the corresponding institutional brand as Praeeminentia Iustitia, could not be different. Then, the success and overwhelming welcome, by co-organizers, exhibitors and attendees, was not long in coming.
5 Thus, in a short time we began to have gravitating development, positioning, recognition and support of important jurists and prestigious universities in the world.
6 It should be noted that we also organize world congresses on a monthly basis. Basically, they are characterized by having 120 speakers from 50 countries. However, our proposal is to organize them in co-organization with a foreign university. Then, the same one carries out the transmission, thus, allowing the reach and presence in new scenarios.
7 The next step was for us to start organizing larger and more far-reaching events. This was the beginning of the annual world congresses. These were a resounding success. Thus we have: The first one. It was called: “Contemporary and interdisciplinary analysis of fundamental rights”, and was held on November 18- 19- 20, 2020, in Arequipa (Peru). It was co-organized by Praeeminentia Iustitia and the Bar Association of Arequipa, with 120 speakers from 30 countries. In which we participated as general co-organizers.
8 The second. It was entitled: “Digital law, public policies and fundamental rights”, and was held on November 25, 26 and 27, 2021, in Arequipa (Peru). We participated as the only general organizers. It had 500 exhibitors from 40 countries and had the participation of 35 co-organizing universities. Each of the latter participated with a transmission block, with its own platform, logistics and human resources.
9 The third. It was entitled: “Digital transformation, cyberspace, governance and fundamental rights”, on dates: November 15-18, 22-25 and 29-30, 2022, in Arequipa, Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais. It had 3,000 exhibitors from 40 countries and had the participation of 150 co-organizing universities from more than 40 countries. Each of the latter participated with a transmission block, with its own platform, logistics and human resources. For this third annual delivery, we incorporated in the General Co-Organization prestigious Brazilian institutions, i) University of Caxias do Sul, with its Legal Metamorphosis Research Group, and the University of Itaúna. Cleide Calgaro and Deilton Ribeiro Brasil, respectively. Thus, the General Co-Organization was headed by Praeeminentia Iustitia.


The fourth edition, entitled: IV Mega World Congress: "From immigrants and digital natives, to ecosystems, super applications, hyper-automation and quantum computing. towards the new era of fundamental rights", was also attended by more than 3,000 distinguished speakers from more than 50 countries. And more than 150 prestigious co-organizing universities from more than 20 countries.
11 It was characterized by a commitment to consolidation, positioning and predominance, rather than mere accelerated growth. For this fourth annual version, we once again incorporated prestigious Brazilian institutions in the General Co-Organization, i) University of Caxias do Sul, with its Legal Metamorphosis Research Group, and ii) University of Itaúna. Cleide Calgaro and Deilton Ribeiro Brasil, respectively. Thus, the General Co-Organization was headed by Praeeminentia Iustitia.
12 We are indelibly grateful to the aforementioned universities and to the renowned professors representing them. This great event, in its fourth edition, has been a very gratifying experience. We were able to see the initiative of foreign universities (even from countries that were not in our network). That is to say, they have approached us to ask to be co-organizers of the event.
13 So, this clearly shows that the scope of our academic events is generating interest in more and different countries. In this sense, if before we were looking for them to propose the event, now they are looking for us. On the other hand, the overwhelming success of this fourth edition has meant a great deal of participation, support and positioning, which paves the way for our global consolidation. This gives us great encouragement and commits us even more to continue on the path of excellence. We would also like to reiterate our gratitude to the co-organizing universities, speakers and attendees.
14 Finally, it is worth mentioning that the large number of speakers who participated prevented us from including their names and the titles of their respective presentations. We will be back recharged in 2024, with the fifth edition. Wait for us.


Although the rise and prominence of Praeeminentia Iustitia has been clearly appreciated, we are aware of its systematic growth and unstoppable acceptance. This commits us even more to continue giving our best effort and dedication minute by minute.
16 On the other hand, the undersigned is a legal consultant with twenty years of professional experience and in addition to having worked in management positions, both in the public and private sectors, has been requested by various institutions globally, for the purpose of advising universities in India, Nigeria, China and Albania. He is currently Dean of the Faculty of Law at Wisdom University (Nigeria) and Guest Editor of an important journal of the State Academic University for the Humanities (Russia). From Arequipa, Peru, to the juridicity of the world, Praeeminentia Iustitia has only offered the tip of the iceberg.


According to what has been developed, it is objectively demonstrated that, if there are words that define Praeeminentia Iustitia and the undersigned, they are: the rigor of excellence, passion and global prominence. Our projects are in all their extremes: original, transcendent and of interest to any legal system. Likewise, we reject improvisation, ignorance or mere appetite of wanting to appear for something we are not or pretending to obtain recognitions that do not correspond. Our commitment is to the Academy, to research of a propositional nature at the highest level and of global scope.
18 We have shared with you, in general terms, the history of the Interdisciplinary School of Fundamental Rights Praeeminentia Iustitia and the undersigned, who presides it. We are infinitely honored and grateful for the massive support and participation. The same that have been experiencing a continuous and solid growth and interest and we hope to have the valuable participation of all of you, in our next projects.


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