Michael I. Zabezhailo


Professional interest area

Research and development:

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Theoretical computer science

  • Industrial applications of AI (prototyping)

High Technology business:

  • Corporate management (IT companies: C-level)

  • IT-consulting and audit

  • Corporate\enterprise IT-infrastructure and services

  • Large IT-projects (architecture, technology solutions, project management, IT-consulting) and perspective (future generation) information technologies.


Professional experience

Research and development:

  • Federal Research Center “Computer science and control” (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow), head of Laboratory

  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), full professor

  • R&D grants (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, “Skolkovo” Foundation, …)

High Technology business:

  • Large IT-projects (Central Bank of Russian Federation, Russian Railroads, Gazprom, …)

  • Large IT-companies (Siemens, SAP AG, JSC «Information Business Systems»,

  • JSC «Gazprombank» - First Vice President (CIO)

  • Mega-grant of “Skolkovo” Foundation: NP “Applied Research Center for Computer Networks” - Managing director (CEO)



  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Control (Intelligent Control Systems Division), graduated with honors



  • Ph.D. (Theoretical Computer Science), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

  • Associated Professor (Theoretical Computer Science), Russian Academy of Sciences

  • D.Sc. (Theoretical Computer Science), Russian Academy of Sciences



More than 120 (Artificial Intelligence, Theoretical Computer Science, Information Technologies and Systems, Data & Knowledge Mining, Business Intelligence, IT Industrial Applications)