How to submit paper in Law & Digital Technologies (LDT)


Law & Digital Technologies (LDT) is a peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal dedicated to advancing the dialogue between legal scholars and computer scientists. This journal publishes innovative theoretical and methodological research on legal issues devoted to digital technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, BigData, etc. LDT is looking for papers within the subject area that display good quality legal analysis or new lines of legal thought that go beyond mere description of Law, however accurate that may be.


An abstract of about 250-300 words and 5 keywords should be mandatorily included in the same word document as a part of the submission. Articles should be between 5000 and 8000 words (about 25 pages including references, notes, and tables). All manuscripts should be emailed, as a Word file. All manuscripts must be in English.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission of the manuscript is 15st January 2021